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  • Authors: Guillaume FOUET
  • VisiPics is a tiny, free application for Windows that will search for duplicate photos. You can search for duplicate images using three different filters: (1) Strict (will return almost identical results - the image is the same or slightly different), (2) Basic and (3) Loose (with much more differences). Additionally, you can also use the "Auto-Select" feature which will mark images with smaller, uncompressed, lower resolution copies as duplicates. The program has other features such as: unignore, unselect (deselect), ignore the folders or files. This software will work with most important formats: JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, PCX, TIFF, TGA and RAW images. According to the author, the software has been tested with 100.000 pictures with a size of 15 GB and the results were available in approximately 3 hours. Another advantage is the ability to delete duplicate files while the program is scanning for them - you don't have to wait to finish the scan. Although this program was made exclusively for Windows users, various other reviews claimed that the program runs great on Linux using Wine.
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